Monday, January 18, 2016

Grey days

Cardigan- Belks  option  option  option
blouse- Nordstrom
skirt- JCP  option  option
tights- JCP  option
shoes- TJMaxx  option  option
necklace- Loft option (on sale)  option (currently 40% off)  option
If you follow me on Instagram, then you got a sneak peek of this outfit last week, as well as a peek of how I took the top pieces to a casual look with jeans and different booties.
I was in a really down mood last week so I had some literal and figurative "grey days". I guess it's fitting that I wore the color two days in a row. I actually found this to be a cozy and comfortable outfit and I love taking my pencil skirts into winter with tights and booties.
I meant to get a post up last Friday but I took the day off work and spent it doing a major closet purge, and didn't get the post up. I can't say that I have that wonderful feeling everyone talks about with "less is more" and I have so much more room in my closet now. I do have a cleaner and more orderly closet but still not the room I'd like to have. I think the issue is that my whole wardrobe goes in there. Sweaters, sweats, tees, and things like that are in my dresser, but every season is in one of those two places. So, I'm curious- do you switch out the items in your closet season to season and store things? and if so, where do you store them? I don't have room to store items elsewhere and in the South we really only have two seasons, not four. Most of my clothing (75-80%)  can be worn year round so there's no real need to store things. If I did, the attic definitely wouldn't be the place because it gets too hot and humid up there in the summer. Dyes and inks would literally run and my clothes would be ruined. I'd love to hear how you handle your wardrobe and storage.
It's really hard to have a capsule because I have a work wardrobe, and a casual one. I'd really like it if the two could merge more. I did let go of a lot of items that I've tried to force myself to wear over the last couple of years because I just don't love them anymore and having them there thinking I should wear them is stressful. It does feel better to not have them there. Some things will be donated and some of it is being listed on Poshmark. Feel free to check out my closet if you like.

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