Thursday, November 12, 2015

Color coordinated

Cardigan- Tommy Hilfiger via Poshmark option  option
blouse- old  option  option
pants- old  option  option  option 
necklace- Banana Republic via ebay  option  option  option
shoes- Payless  option  option
purse- Belk  option    option  option  option
tumbler- Tervis (gift)
worn October 30, 2015
I'm still infatuated with this purse and this necklace. I'm still using inspiration from Bridgette Raes  on how to use these pieces but doing my own mix and matching and substituting pants for the skirt.

 I also find myself unintentionally carrying a water bottle or tumbler that matches or coordinates with my outfit. I don't do it intentionally. I drink only water or coffee and take a water bottle every day to work. I have blue, green, orange and pink and often find that the one I pull from the cabinet matches my outfit. I couldn't resist including my monogrammed Tervis tumbler in my photos when I realized how well it matched my outfit. If you need a gift idea for someone, these tumblers would make a great gift. Get a plain tumbler and have it monogrammed in your color choice and purchase a matching lid. Lids come in all colors.

Here's a look at a couple of looks from September with the purse and necklace:

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