Savvy Southern Chic: Late to the party

Friday, October 2, 2015

Late to the party

Dress- Target- old   option  option  option
scarf- Cato  option  option 
Booties-TJMaxx   option  option  option   option   option
purse- old option   option   option
earrings JCP-- option  option   option
worn Sept. 27, 2015
Tassels and pom poms were trendy accessory items this summer, so I'm late to the party with mine. But let me justify. I came across this scarf on clearance ($3.99) recently and the jewel tones screamed fall to me. It's still too hot for traditional scarves so this light number is perfect. It adds some much needed color to this dress. The suede booties indicate I'm ready for fall, so I think this works great as a summer to fall transition outfit. I picked up these booties last year at TJMaxx while searching for some cognac booties. These are a long  way from cognac but were too adorable for me to pass up. I can't find any quite like them now, so I've linked up some suede wedge choices for you and some cut out ankle booties.
Let's talk about this dress too. There was a time when I would have only worn something like this just one way, the way it is and would not have recommended it as a must have. However, I've created so many different looks with this that I'll now say a chambray or denim dress is a must have. It's like a blank palette waiting for you to create with. It goes season to season. You can take this piece right into winter with a utility jacket, tights or leggings and boots, like I did here.
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