Savvy Southern Chic: New combinations and new inspiration

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New combinations and new inspiration

Blazer- Forever 21  option  option   option
blouse- old  option  option
necklace- old  option  option  option
belt- thrifted
pants- Limited  option  option  option
shoes- Payles  option  option
purse- Belk  option  option  option
worn Sept. 3, 2015
I recently discovered Bridgette Raes. How have I missed this wealth of information all this time? She has a ton of ideas for us professional working women. She may be a bad influence on my wallet though. I'll explain in a bit. I'm finding unending inspiration at her site. One visit leads me to one suggested post after another, lots of pinning, and lots of searching for new shoes, accessories and items. Some of her suggestions are a bit out of my budget but there is always second hand thrift sites and ebay. You see where this is going?
Not to let all that searching and shopping be in vain, I put together this outfit based on inspiration found from her site. Using the outfits in this post, I came up with my own version. I fell in love with that purse, or rather the color.  I had been contemplating the one above after seeing it in Belk on clearance but ran straight back to the store to get it once I saw how great it looked with all these outfits. I have always stuck to boring purses- black, brown, beige- because I don't swap them out very often. I am adapting though and learning to change my purse a little more often.  Now, for the rest of the outfit. I have a similar navy trumpet shape skirt in my closet but it's, ahem, a little to snug at the moment. I wasn't feeling my navy pencil skirt either, so I went with navy trousers. I don't have mustard pumps or wedges either, but I really liked the pop of that color in the inspiration outfits and remembered I have this necklace. So with just a few switches, I have my own version of one of the inspiration outfits. I may or may not have fallen in love with a necklace in that post too and searched out ebay for it. You'll know in a few posts to come.
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