Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Swayed again

Sweater- Gap similar  option
skirt- Target
boots- (old)  option  option
necklace- Loft
Worn Nov 2, 2014
Remember when I talked last week about being swayed by social media to buy something? It happened to me twice. This skirt from Target has also been in several collages on Pinterest and in many "ways to wear" posts by other bloggers. So the more I saw it, the more I needed it. Yep, swayed again.
Seriously, I happened to see it my local Target and had a 25% off cartwheel. I have five or more tops to wear with it, and a floral print is something I'd like to have more of in my wardrobe, so this was a no-brainer decision. My first way of styling and wearing this skirt is pretty close to one of Audrey's suggested ways. It will be a while before I run out of options from my closet with this one.
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