Monday, September 15, 2014

More mustard and leopard- 15 of 30

Blazer- Sears  option
blouse -TJMaxx  option  option
pants- JCPenney
belt- Target  option  option
shoes- Belks  option
necklace- online boutique  option    option  option
watch- Fossil
sunnies- Loft
This is the halfway mark of my 30x30.  I'll admit I'm getting a little bored because I'm thinking  "I just wore these pieces last week."  However, I am still enjoying the ease of walking into the closet in the mornings knowing exactly what I'm wearing. And I'm entertained at the number of outfits I've been able to come up with- more than 30. I'll probably do a post on the "bonus" outfits sometime after this is over.
I pulled in just a little leopard this time with the belt.
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