Savvy Southern Chic: Thoughts on pastels

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughts on pastels

Jacket- old option
blouse- old option
pants- JCPenney option option
shoes- Belk option
necklace- Sears option option option
belt- Ross
Worn March 12, 2014
I could not wait any longer to break out of the winter routine and wear something with a spring touch, so I pulled out these pieces last week. I'm not sure that this really "worked." Do you have that issue with outfits? You know what you are going for, but it just doesn't work? I couldn't decide what would make it work, so you have three versions- blouse tucked/open jacket, blouse tucked/closed jacket, and untucked and open jacket. First off, I think it would work better with cream or ivory pants or white pants, but I don't have any. I need to fix that because every time I try to think up a spring ensemble, one of those color pants comes to mind as a base, especially if there is a lot of pastel up top, like this.
Which brings me to my thoughts on pastels... My co-worker complimented me and said I looked all "Eastery". Wait, was that a compliment? Did she mean I looked like an Easter egg? That's my fear and dislike of pastels, that I will look like an Easter egg. I like pastels done right in small doses with other neutrals, but too many, is... well, just an Easter egg. I guess I just like "summer brights" better.
What are you thoughts? What would make this work, or should I just scrap it? What do you think about pastels?
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